VRAYLAR metabolics, prolactin, and weight change in bipolar I manic or mixed episodes studies

Shifts from baseline to endpoint1,2*

Weight change from baseline to endpoint in pivotal studies (3-week studies)1†‡

*Metabolic shift defined as: fasting glucose: normal (<100 mg/dL) to high (≥126 mg/dL), borderline (≥100 mg/dL and <126 mg/dL) to high; total cholesterol: normal/borderline (<240 mg/dL) to high (≥240 mg/dL); fasting triglycerides: normal/borderline (<200 mg/dL) to high (≥200 mg/dL).1,2

Data shown from baseline to endpoint (Week 3 for mania and mixed studies) by modal daily dose, defined as most frequently administered dose per patient.1

Recommended dose range of VRAYLAR is 3–6 mg/day for manic and mixed episodes. Doses above 6 mg did not appear to have additional benefit over lower doses and a dose-related increase in certain adverse reactions was observed.1