VRAYLAR® (cariprazine) for the treatment of bipolar I disorder in adults with1:

VRAYLAR is indicated in adults for the treatment of depressive episodes and the acute treatment of manic or mixed episodes associated with bipolar I disorder1

The proportion of patients with metabolic shifts* was similar to placebo.1,2

Mean weight change in bipolar manic or mixed episode trials: placebo (n=439) mean change=+0.4 lb; VRAYLAR 3-6 mg/day (n=259) mean change=+1.1 lb.1

Mean weight change in bipolar I depression trials: placebo (n=463) mean change=-0.2 lb; VRAYLAR 1.5 mg/day (n=467) mean change=+1.5 lb; VRAYLAR 3 mg/day (n=465) mean change=+0.9 lb.1

Proportion of patients with weight increase ≥7% in bipolar I depression trials: placebo (n=463)=1%; VRAYLAR 1.5 mg/day (n=467)=3%; VRAYLAR 3 mg/day (n=465)=3%.1

*Shift defined as: fasting glucose: normal (<100 mg/dL) to high (≥126 mg/dL), borderline (≥100 mg/dL and <126 mg/dL) to high; total cholesterol: normal/borderline (<240 mg/dL) to high (≥240 mg/dL); fasting triglycerides: normal/borderline (<200 mg/dL) to high (≥200 mg/dL).1,2